Kongo x La Cornue Château 150

For a long time the artist has been trying to discover the world of culinary art, here he revisits the classic Château 150 kitchen piano of theprestigious French company La Cornue. These pianos composed of enamel plates worked by the painter are true works of art. Each piano was made by a companion La Cornue who takes care of assembling the pieces himself one by one. Here the hand of man is synonymous with excellence and expertise. In a world where the machine takes the place of man in manufactures and where speed advocates quality. La Cornue and Kongo share the same passion for the virtuosity of the hand and the hours spent making a work of art.

AD Great Design Award 2018

This work was rewarded by the prestigious "AD Great Design Award 2018"; in the kitchen category for the cooker Kongo USA. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of design and this is the first time in 110 years that La Cornue received it.

The art of living in the French way

Through their union they put forward the savoir-faire and the art of living in the French way. Only nine pianos have been produced and six of them will be presented. These works symbolize the rarity, the refinement and the rigor of the art of the table.

Work of enamel

The work of enamel was an incredible discovery for the artist. For him, this medium refers to his heritage. It also reminds him of the many signs of the Paris metro that he was able to paint. So as always Cyril Kongo reappropriates this exceptional technique and combines it with his own pictorial vocabulary. It is with subtlety and dexterity that he uses his own alternative urban references and diverts them to create new works.

Each of these pieces are unique and made in the best workshop of France.


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