In 2011 the illustrious Hermès house made an unprecedented bet in the history of the brand.

Because indeed it gave carte blanche to Cyril Kongo contemporary artist from the graffiti art world to create the autumn-winter collection.

However, the encounter between these two worlds at the antipodes unfolded quite incongruously.

A year before Kongo was painting in the streets of Hong Kong, when a man on a walk with his son stopped and marveled at the performance of the artist.

The father then asked the artist if it would be possible for him to paint on the cap of his son, to thank him he paid him a beer. In a few minutes this fortuitous meeting turned into a great adventure when this man asked Kongo whether to paint the window display of the Hermès the Hong Kong airport boutique.

It is at the end of this hazardous situation that an object of exemption is born. An object that materializes the plurality of the Parisian identity through the union of the demanding craftsmanship, luxury and prestige world with the urban, alternative, protest art.

Following this intervention, Kongo was called by the drawing studio in charge of the iconic silk squares to offer him a try on the Hermès square exercise.

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