When Kongo meets Daum

When he met the Daum crystal, Cyril Kongo perceived the possibility of linking two opposite worlds. The development of these sculptures was guided by the desire to pay tribute to travel and transversality. The artist makes a direct wink to his favorite medium the spray paint and distracts it in realizing a singular and meaningful art craft object.

The Challenge „Peace, love and …light“

During an artistic encounter on the streets of Paris one summer evening, Daum was fascinated by the demonstration of Kongo, and decided to give a new dimension to this art. I had the chance to give an interpretation of one of my favorite tool the spray paint can for the legendary and traditional glassmaker Daum.” The “With love collection” of 3 crytallised spray can available each in a 50 units limited edition is born. He has created "From Singapore , New York and Paris with Love"; in Daum signature crystal with an 18 carat golden spray tip carrying his fingerprint. Each piece was customised by Kongo making every piece unique.

Technicity “Adapt my work in 3D”

The first technical challenge was to work on a sculpture, give life to an object in 3D when you are used to paint on walls or canvas is not easy. Experience graffiti on coloured pate de cristal, adapt my graphic vocabulary on this material symbol of light.

“ Daum x Kongo it’s two savoir-faire that meets each other and two energies to create something .”


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