The urban artist has designed a piece of art dedicated to hospital staff it has been Installed Thursday 7th of may on the walls of Lariboisière hospital. By making a donation to the caregiver you will help us to say thank you for their dedication, you will receive a limited edition photolithography .
“Love is the answer” is not only the name of a series created by Cyril Kongo, an internationally renowned painter who has worked in particular for the biggest brands.

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Born from graffiti, the painter from Bagnolet is particularly sensitive to the ups and downs of the world around him. Therefore, from the very first days of the confinement, he wondered what he could do. “I thought it was nice to applaud every day at 8pm all over the world at the window, but at my modest level, I wanted to do more”.

Cyril Kongo has energy to spare and a heart as big as that, so, one thing leading to another, he met a professor from the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris (10th) who appreciated his work and told him about his difficulties. “I was stunned when I discovered that the nursing staff lacked everything: masks, gowns, meals and support. So I wanted to do something, but not alone, by involving the whole community around me. A kind of wall of thanks.


That’s how the idea of donating a work of art to Lariboisière Hospital was born. It will be installed on Thursday, May 7 on the windows of the hospital chapel. This in situ work, inspired by events, will then be photographed and printed according to the principle of photolithography in a Parisian craft workshop. “I wanted to play with the light and make reference to the stained glass windows and the superb and very beautiful chappelle in front of the main entrance”. Through this wall, Kongo wants to pay homage to all the carers, from the greatest surgeon to the surface technician, and honours all those who have worked closest to the patients. His gift, this wall of thanks that will be present in the time and place of work of the staff, beyond the applause of the confinement.

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